Casa del Cinema
di Roma (House of Cinema)
Opened in September 2004 by the Municipality of Rome and its managing company Azienda Speciale Palaexpo, the Casa del Cinema is open daily in the Casina delle Rose. In its two Deluxe and Kodak auditoria it offers films and documentaries, film festivals and many other events linked to the Seventh Art. The artistic director is Felice Laudadio. On the ground floor the Sala Rai Cinema-01 Distribution has 24 Toshiba workstations where approximately 5,000 full-length films and documentaries can be consulted free of charge on DVD. It is also possible to consult video materials of all the events organised by and held in the Casa del Cinema over the previous two years (Tuesday–Sunday, 4pm–10pm). The Arion bookshop is a very recent feature of the Casa del Cinema (Tuesday–Sunday, 11am–6pm).