Direttamente da Los Angeles, e per il secondo anno consecutivo, sarà con noi anche il premio Oscar per gli effetti visivi di SpiderMan 2 Anthony LaMolinara, alla Casa del Cinema per offrire delle anticipazioni sui suoi nuovi progetti italiani e internazionali.

    Vincitore dell'Oscar per gli effetti speciali di Spiderman 2, LaMolinara ha lavorato a grandi successi come Stuart Little, L'uomo Ombra e Toy Story, oltre ad aver realizzato il recente video musicale di Mina per la canzone "Alibi"  (presentato in anteprima nella scorsa edizione di n[ever]land) e molti spot televisivi che sono in onda anche in Italia.

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Animation Supervisor

Sony Pictures Imageworks

Anthony LaMolinara is a multi-talented sculptor, cameraman, and animator. Anthony was nominated for an Academy Award® on the international hit "Spider-Man" and most recently completed production on the record-breaking sequel, "Spider-Man 2." LaMolinara, along with Sony Pictures Imageworks visual effects supervisors John Dykstra and Scott Stokdyk, was awarded the Academy Award for his work on "Spider-Man 2" for Achievement in Visual Effects.

While working at Imageworks, Mr. LaMolinara also served as lead animator on "Stuart Little" (1999, Academy Award nominee, Achievement in Visual Effects), and animation director on "Hollow Man" (2000, Academy Award nominee, Best Visual Effects).

Mr. LaMolinara began his peripatetic entertainment career in 1976 as a freelance lighting cameraman and animator working on documentaries, commercials and independent films in Florida, Atlanta, New Zealand, Seattle, and Toronto. His first break came in 1988 at Will Vinton Productions where he was the animator/director for the California Dancing Raisins commercial. In addition, he served as animator/director on the Emmy Award winning TV special "Claymation Christmas Celebration."

In 1991, Mr. LaMolinara began another phase of his career by opening Clay Pigeon animation studios in Montreal and Toronto. These five studios produced commercials and the half-hour TV special "Johann's Gift to Christmas."

Mr. LaMolinara then moved to Pixar where he served as an animator on "Toy Story." This was followed by stints as an animator at Shanghai Animation Studio working on "The Monkey King," animation director at Digital Domain on the development of "Avatar" and a Bud Bowl commercial and on the CG feature "Final Fantasy" for Square USA. Mr. LaMolinara was also an animation director at VIFX (Twentieth Century Fox Digital Effects) where he worked on "Planet Ice", "Blade" and "T-Rex."

Mr. LaMolinara holds a MFA in Cinematography, Painting, Sculpture and East Indian Art History from Florida State University.