Rolf Alme

Born 1958. Scenographer and visual artist, p.t. Dean of The Academy of Figurative Theatre, Fredrikstad, Norway. From 1995-98 Head of the Scenography Department of the Danish National Theatre School. Since 1986 more than 60 scenographies for theatre, dance and opera productions in Germany, Belgium, Peru, Iceland, Greenland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Exhibitions of paintings and installation work in Oslo, Stavanger, Prague, Florence and Schwerin. Has recently worked with the connections between art education and experimental visual art and theatre.

Luca Ruzza

Born 1959, architect & scenographer. The development of performances and architecture using high technology systems, are the main focus of interest of his activities. He has been collaborating with national and international theatres and festivals for the creation of multi media projects, dedicated to examining the relationship between images and space of different identity. For the last ten years he has also been involved in educational activities as professor at the University of Rome, course of virtual set design. His projects have been realised in UK, Denmark, Italy, France, Spain, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Colombia, Brazil, Qatar and United States.

Torunn Kjolner

Born 1952. Mag.Art. and Dip. in Speech and Drama. Associate Professor, Department of Dramaturgy and InterMedia Aarhus, Denmark. Fields of research: actor and director training and theatre in education. Has worked with interactive theatre as a teacher, dramaturg and director. Leader of the research team The Staging of Virtual Inhabited 3D Spaces: Task 7, Performance, co-funder of Digital Theatre and HYPEROPTICON. Director of Manpower, second part of Bodybuilding - A 3D Poem in Two Parts.